International Business

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Stuart Wall
et al

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(from 2nd edition)

International Business provides a clear and concise introduction to the environment and functions of international business.

It explains in straightforward language the economic and financial underpinnings of international trade, the more subtle organisational and cultural issues, and the managerial challenges which face organisations of all types and sizes. In particular, it provides up-to-the-minute coverage of recent global events – the economic downturn and uncertainty in financial markets.

It is written for students on undergraduate and postgraduate degree programmes, or undertaking professional qualifications. It is especially suitable for non-specialist students of business.

We live in a global economy in which one quarter of the world's recorded output is exported, where a change in business practice in Beijing can have a direct impact on a workforce in Birmingham, and where support to a customer in Detroit can be provided from Delhi.

International business is everywhere and affects us all on a daily basis. Individuals and organisations therefore need to understand a global as well as a local business environment, as well as how to manage and market across cultures, trade across national and legal boundaries, and plan for an ever-more competitive and unpredictable future.

Over 60 case studies enable you to learn from examples such as:

  1. developing management skills in South Africa
  2. legal services and intellectual property rights in India
  3. Islamic culture and international human resource management
  4. stabilising the World Bank in the face of economic uncertainty
  5. the experiences of multinationals including Toyota, Dyson, Body Shop and many more

In addition to the questions and other features within the book, log on to to check your understanding of key concepts, and further your study of this dynamic and ever-changing subject.