Teacher Training Programme

CIEC is working in a number of countries to develop and deliver its Teacher Training Programme for teachers of English in all sectors of education. Our programmes are designed and written by highly experienced teacher trainers in the UK, who have taught in many countries and taught students of all nationalities. Our Teacher Training courses are delivered by experienced teachers, who mentor and support the teachers as they are training.

CIEC also works with client organisations, such as schools and colleges, to develop a strong English language curriculum to deliver positive, measurable results for students in the institution. This is achieved through a clear programme of progression, focusing on the development of language skills and paying attention to learning needs and expectations. We work within the institution to develop teachers' English language expression and teaching skills.

CIEC believes its strengths lie in applying the skills and experience of its learning and teaching experts to the institution's situation. By careful study of the education sector and working closely with its clients in-country, CIEC is able to produce courses which are adapted to local needs, which encourage good teaching practice and independent learners who develop skills for their future lives.

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