Pre-Master's Business And Management

This programme prepares students for postgraduate studies in a wide range of business, economics and management subjects. CIEC has sent its students to masters studies in a large number of universities throughout the UK, many of which are highly ranked.

About CIEC

We are specialists in Business and Management Education and English Language Training with a global publishing profile having written and developed texts and series for major publishers such as Pearson and Kaplan with over 10 million sales worldwide, including major texts in Chinese, Russian and many other languages.

We have extensive experience in consultancy and research with bodies such as the OECD and major multinational companies, and in course validation, external examining and developing learning materials for numerous UK and international universities.

CIEC also has high level experience in executive education and in the provision and assessment of a wide range of English Language qualifications.

As you can see from the wide range of books shown below, CIEC has lecturers who write textbooks for major publishers.

Our custom texts - used on our Business and Management Foundation Programmes

Indeed your Pre-Masters Business and Management Programme has a specific eText specially designed for each of the modules you study, which has been developed with Pearson Education, the largest educational publisher in the world.

The modules you will study are shown in the summary diagram below.

Semester - 1
Academic English
and Study Skills
(30 Credits)
(15 Credits)
(15 Credits)
Additional English Language
and Study Skills
Semester - 2
Business Strategy In A Global Context
(15 Credits)
Accounting And Finance
(15 Credits)
Research Methods
(15 Credits)
Economics For Business And Management
(15 Credits)
Additional English Language
and Study Skills

Course Location

Study your Pre-Masters Programme with Cambridge International Education Centre (CIEC) at Cambridge Melchior College (CMC)

A View of the CMC Garden A View of the CMC Reception

Programme Details

Two terms, each of 11 weeks, to be completed in a 24 week period with a 2 week break in between.
Start date: We have 3 start dates in each year: April, September and January.
Completion date: Six months after programme starts
Fee: £9,500
Location: Cambridge Melchior College
Accommodation: Residential or host family

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