Pre-Doctoral Programme in Cambridge

About This Programme

This programme has been developed for UK, EU and international students intending to undertake MPhil and/or doctoral studies, whether PhD or DBA, in the English medium. Being accepted for doctoral study by universities throughout the world is increasingly competitive. It is therefore vital that you have a clearly defined and well researched proposal at the very outset of your engagement with an intended university. This programme has been carefully structured to help you do just that!

It is also advisable that you can demonstrate to your intended university a strong academic background, if they are to admit you to doctoral studies. This will usually mean that you have attained, in the UK context, an upper second honours classification (or its international equivalent) in your first degree or that you have demonstrated a similar level of achievement in a postgraduate qualification in your chosen subject.

As can be seen from the summary diagram, the Pre-Doctoral Programme seeks to strengthen the academic English and doctoral study skills which are required from the very outset as you prepare your research proposal. Being able to conduct an effective literature review in your chosen field is a key element in your choice of research topic, research title and the research questions you will seek to address. Your ability to apply the various techniques for managing and analysing information and data will also play a key role in the design and implementation of your research proposal, as will your having a firm grasp of the research methods available to you, both qualitative and quantitative.

This Pre-Doctoral Programme will give you extensive practice and feedback in preparing the actual proposal you will present for an MPhil, PhD or DBA award.

Additional English language skills are developed both formally in specified modules and less formally throughout to help you improve whatever initial IELTS (or equivalent) English language score you have attained at the outset of this programme. A minimum of 5.5 IELTS will be required to enter the Pre-Doctoral Preparatory Programme and a minimum of 6.5 IELTS will be required to progress to subsequent studies leading to an MPhil or Doctoral award.

About CIEC

We are specialists in Business and Management Education and English Language Training with a global publishing profile having written and developed texts and series for major publishers such as Pearson and Kaplan with over 10 million sales worldwide, including major texts in Chinese, Russian and many other languages.

We have extensive experience in consultancy and research with bodies such as the OECD and major multinational companies, and in course validation, external examining and developing learning materials for numerous UK and international universities.

CIEC also has high level experience in executive education and in the provision and assessment of a wide range of English Language qualifications.

As you can see from the wide range of books shown below, CIEC has lecturers who write textbooks for major publishers.

Our custom texts - used on our Business and Management Foundation Programmes

Course Structure

The diagram below shows you the Units you will study in your one term course in Cambridge

Academic English and Doctoral Study Skills
(10 Credits)
Literature Review
(10 Credits)
Research Methods
(10 Credits)
Information and Data Analysis
(10 Credits)
Starting and Designing your Research Proposal
(10 Credits)
Writing and Presenting your Research Proposal
(10 Credits)

Course Location

Study your Pre-Doctoral Programme with Cambridge International Education Centre (CIEC) at Cambridge Melchior College (CMC)

A View of the CMC Garden A View of the CMC Reception

Key Facts

Course length: 1 terms
Start dates: September 25th 2017, January 8th 2018, April 16th 2018
Entry requirements: Degree or equivalent, IELTS (or equivalent) 5.5 or above
Location: Cambridge
Assessment: Portfolio for each module
Tuition fees: £6,500
Accommodation fees: Residential accommodation £235 per week (Twin room with full board)
Homestay accommodation £180 per week (Twin room with full board)

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