Aviation Themed Summer School 2019

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Cambridge International Education Centre (CIEC) are pleased to announce the launch of their new and unique Cambridge & Gloucester based Aviation Themed Summer School programme in conjunction with our strategic partner Global Aviation Training Services Ltd (GATS).

GATS have been voted ‘Best Air Traffic Control Training Company’ in the UK at the 2019 Air Transport Awards.

The course is designed to give participants an exciting and realistic introduction to the aviation industry, provide invaluable hands on experience of flying, simulator training, see how a control tower works and outline some of the high income career opportunities available in the fast expanding global aviation industry.

Given the ‘hands on’ flying sessions and ATC simulator experiences, we can only accept a maximum of 24 students in each four week programme, so book early!

A Flying Airplane

Target Audience

The programme is open to all students over 18 years of age who are interested in learning more about career opportunities in aviation, in studying in the United Kingdom and in enhancing their English Language proficiency levels.


Four weeks. It is a two centre course – three weeks in Cambridge and one week in Cheltenham/Gloucester giving an experience based on two high profile and prestigious UK destinations.

Group Size

In consequence of the very practical nature of the course and the flying and ATC simulator training which is an embedded part of the programme the number of students per course is restricted to a maximum of 24.

Course Summary

The Aviation Themed Summer School offers participants insights into the techniques and technical workings of aviation, piloting, air traffic control (ATC) and more.

It is also designed to enable students to strengthen their English Language skills generally with a focus upon Aviation English, gain an awareness of the cultural dynamics of living and studying in the United Kingdom, appreciate some of the major historical, sporting and cultural attractions of Cambridge, Cheltenham & Gloucester and enjoy a range of cultural and leisure activities in unison with a number of other like-minded young students from all over the world.

So often students work hard but lack the full range of key academic and professional skills to be able to translate their hard work into the results they deserve. This programme will help equip you for successful study in any university or organisation, including aviation industry courses.

View from Simulator

Core Subjects

The course material will include –

Summer Term
Principles of Flight
Air Traffic Control
General Aircraft Knowledge
Aviation English
Academic English
Relevant Study Skills
Introduction to International Business, Cultures & Lifestyles

Entry Criteria

Students should be motivated and genuinely interested in exploring career opportunities in the aviation industry. You should have a good basic grasp of the English language so as to fully benefit from the sessions.

Course Dates for 2019

The course will be offered on three occasions in 2019, each of four weeks, with the respective commencement dates being as follows –

  • 9 June 2019
  • 7 July 2019
  • 11 August 2019


The full cost of the four week programme for 2019 is £4,750 per student inclusive of accommodation in UK and all practical training but excluding flights to and from the UK.

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