Photo of Eward Munday

Ewart studied at St Catharine’s College at the University of Cambridge. He is a member of Ashridge Management College, a certified NLP Practitioner, a past Fellow of the National Institute of Agricultural Botany, a member of the Institute of Directors as well as an Advisory Partner to the Critical Eye network of CEO’s.

Ewart Munday uses his wide ranging and high level practitioner experience in international management to initiate and develop major corporate training programmes. Ewart is President of Cambridge International Education Centre (CIEC) and Director of Learning Solutions at Wyboston Lakes Academy. In this capacity he brings together an elite team of corporate training providers with an emphasis on improving performance outcomes in public and private sector organisations using innovative approaches. Project engagements include organisations such as Bluehat Group, Business Smart International, People Development International, i-negotitate, International Teaching Seminars (ITS), netStratagems, and T2P.



Photo of Stuart Wall

Stuart Wall is Professor of Business and Economics Education and is a globally recognised authority in a range of economics, business and management subjects, including international business, strategic analysis, microeconomics, environmental economics, quantitative methods and economic policy, with numerous texts in many languages for Pearson, the world’s largest educational publisher. Stuart has been personally cited by the Independent Newspaper in the ‘A to Z of Business Schools’ as having made an outstanding contribution to UK business education. He is the author of major texts in business and economics published in many languages and of a wide range of on-line, audio and video materials for Financial Times/Pearson/ Edexcel and other publishing houses. He has extensive consultancy experience for major organisations, such as the OECD Directorate for Science, Technology and Industry, Pearson Education, British Telecom and Kaplan, amongst others. In addition he has developed major research projects for various UK universities in entrepreneurship and corporate strategy, including projects funded by bodies such as the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC).


Director of Academic & Business English

Photo of Hilary Day

Hilary Day is amongst the most experienced developers of English teaching and testing materials in the UK, and has also worked as an examiner and assessor at all levels for a wide range of official testing bodies, such as Cambridge ESOL, (IELTS, CPE, CAE and Skills for Life), OCR, ARELS and RSA.

She has extensive teaching and assessment experience in the UK and overseas, including Africa and the EU.

Hilary has also worked as Assistant Development Manager for Asset Languages (part of OCR) and has taught in Cambridge University, Anglia Ruskin University and Oporto University (Portugal), as well as in language centres such as International Language School and the British Council (Portugal), Eurocentre, Studio School and Newnham Language Centre (Cambridge), and has directed a language project for the British Council in Angola.

She has specialist expertise in the cross-cultural aspects of preparing Chinese students for English assessment, as well as students from across the globe. Hilary develops and tests written and oral assessment materials and leads teams of examiners and assessors.


Director of International Partnerships (EFL)

Photo of David Csernovicz

David Cernovicz is one of the UK’s most experienced teachers and examiners over a wide range of English qualifications including IELTS, PTE, FCE, PET and CPE. He has extensive experience in teaching and examining in both Universities and Language Schools in the UK and overseas, including for Anglia Ruskin University in the UK and China, Bell Overseas Division, Doha and various British Council Language Schools in Bogota, Bologna, Florence and Las Palmas. David also has wide ranging practitioner experience having been Director, The British Council, Krakow, Head of Corporate Training Services (The British Council) Bogota and Assistant Director of Studies (The British Council) Medellin.


Director of Business and Operations

Photo of Marion Cobby

Marion has extensive experience in similar roles in UK University and Higher Education settings. In her former position as Business and Operations Manager in the Ashcroft International Business School of Anglia Ruskin University, Marion held responsibility for planning and overseeing all logistical and resource-based deployments for the International Development Team, which achieved a 300% plus growth in international student recruitment and associated budget surplus over a three year period. Marion has worked closely in developing and resourcing successful curriculum-based initiatives with a wide range of international partner institutions and external agencies. Marion is also Director of Operations and Finance at Cambridge Seminars College, an institution of 34 years’ standing with Tier 4 HTS status, jointly owned by CIEC. She is also Director of the CIEC Pearson Test Centre in Cambridge, which is the ‘official’ Pearson Test of English (PTE) Centre for Cambridge.



Photo of Alan Griffiths

Alan Griffiths has a global reputation in Economics, Business and Management education, with major texts for Financial Times/Prentice Hall published in many languages. For example, Applied Economics is the UK’s leading text in its genre, is now in its twelfth edition and has been published in Chinese by Tsinghua University Press in a special series which includes texts by Ben Bernanke, head of the Federal Reserve Bank of the USA, Dominick Salvatore, Olivier Blanchard and other globally recognised contributors. Alan has held Visiting Professorship, Readership and Fellowship positions in a wide range of universities, including Yokahama National University and Sophia University in Japan, The Berlin School of Economics and Anglia Ruskin University. He has lectured and supervised courses in Economics and Management at Cambridge University, Aberystwyth University and The European Business School, amongst others. Alan has extensive business and practitioner experience, having acted as consultant to the car industry (Ford), the media (Pearson) and governmental bodies (Ministry of Information, Technology and Industry – MITI – Japan). He has extensive external examining experience in undergraduate and postgraduate courses, in Nottingham University, Buckingham, Bournemouth, Napier and London Metropolitan universities, amongst others.


Director of International Partnerships

Photo of Dr Hood

Dr Penelope Hood specialises in organisational behaviour, management development and leadership and has extensive research, teaching and doctoral supervisory experience for several UK and international universities. In addition to her academic and publishing background, she has wide ranging practitioner experience, working for the United Nations, the National Health Service (UK), the Sri Lankan Ministry of Education and the Government of the Maldives. Penny is an Assessor for the Chartered Institute of Management, Consultant to the Association of Business Executives, and Visiting Academic at the Postgraduate Institute of Management, Sri Jayewardenepura University (Colombo and Dubai). She is also a member of the Sri Lanka Academy of Management Science and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts. Recent consultancy work includes the incorporation of entrepreneurship and innovation in higher education in South East Asian contexts as well as post-tsunami redevelopment in Sri Lanka and the integration of vocational education and training within selected African countries.



Photo of Mahmoud Al-Kilani

Mahmoud Al-Kilani has a doctorate in Accounting and Finance, has co-authored a major text in Accounting and Finance for Pearson and has extensive experience in teaching undergraduate and postgraduate students in universities in the UK and overseas, including delivering lectures in India, Germany and Switzerland. Mahmoud has been involved in developing innovative degrees in Business and Management for the Higher Education Funding Council of England and Wales (HEFCE) and has acted as advisor and external examiner to universities in the UK and overseas. As well as publishing in major academic journals, Mahmoud has high level practitioner experience within multinational manufacturing companies, such as British Foam Group, Romania and Aramoon Trading Establishment, Jordan.



Photo of Ross Catterall

Ross Catterall has an international profile in Finance, Banking and Strategy, serving as Professorial Research Fellow of the Athenian Policy Forum, Toronto, Canada, and acting as consultant and advisor to numerous overseas university and business groups. Ross has extensive business and practitioner experience, acting as consultant on corporate financial training to PricewaterhouseCoopers and as consultant to British Telecom, the Scottish Development Agency and a wide range of financial services companies. Ross has extensive external examining experience in UK and overseas universities and has advised international visiting delegations on global finance, such as the Chinese Ministry of Finance and Chinese Security Industry delegations. He has lectured and supervised in Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, and Leicester University, as well as Coventry University, de Montfort University, Anglia Ruskin University, Portsmouth University and Winchester University, as well as the Open University. Ross has held several programme leadership roles, including MA International Business and Economics at Anglia Ruskin University and MBA at Universities of Winchester and Heriot-Watt.



Photo of Claire Coday

Claire Coday has extensive experience in the development and teaching of face-to-face and on-line courses in entrepreneurship and strategy, in liaison with universities, businesses and governmental organisations. She is Tutor in Business Strategy to the Open University and has established for Anglia Ruskin University an innovative, university- accredited, 16-month training programme for new business start-ups, leading to the Certificate in Small Business Management, sponsored by major companies such as Barclays Bank. Claire has high level practitioner experience including Chief Executive and Managing Director positions for a number of manufacturing and technology based companies, as well as working with UK and European Government Departments to provide business and skills support services to SME’s and individuals. Claire brings to the student learning environment her highly successful record of leading new ventures, implementing significant change management programmes and of developing marketing and customer relations strategies.



Photo of Hina Choksy Evans

Hina Choksy Evans is an acknowledged expert in using optimisation techniques to develop trading models for forecasting asset prices. She has been a consultant to Rio Tinto London and Australia and developed Rio Tinto’s econometric and mathematical forecasting systems for commodities and long term investments as well as models for hedge fund consultants, to analyse trading in base and bulk metals. Hina has also worked as associate econometrician at Goldman Sachs International, responsible for building Goldman Sachs equilibrium exchange rate model – new GSDEER, covering 26 exchange rates. GSDEER allows investors to assess currency competitiveness and provides long horizon forecasts. Hina has extensive experience in bond modelling, particularly for Far Eastern markets, using GARCH volatility and non-arbitrage modelling, and in modelling high frequency models for FOREX trading. She currently works as a consultant for Frontier Economics, Volterra Consulting and Iron Harbor Capital Management . Hina has also lectured in various universities, including University of Cambridge.