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CIEC is working in partnership with IES Normandie (IESN), a Business School widely recognised for its educational excellence and based in Rouen, France. It has a focus on management programmes with undergraduate and postgraduate degrees validated after 2, 3, or 5 years with specialisations in trade, international management, human resources, finance, marketing, and communication.

The underlying aim of IESN is to equip students with both the theoretical and practical underpinnings required for the world of work. CIEC and IESN are jointly developing a range of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes consistent with this strategic focus.

IESN works with major accrediting bodies, Business School directors, educational managers, external professional partners, and professors from the most important French Business Schools such as ESCE.

From 2017 IESN will also create a research incubator headed by Professeur Paul Jacques Lehmann (co-founder and former director of ESCE) and CIEC will be involved in supporting its development.