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CIEC are co-owners of Cambridge Seminars College, a modern, recently refurbished college in the heart of the historic city of Cambridge. Founded in 1981, we pride ourselves on excellent teaching and small class sizes and have sent hundreds of students from around the world on to Higher Education in the UK, following success in our Foundation Programmes and A Levels.

In association with Cambridge Seminars College, CIEC offers a unique Pearson Test of English (PTE) Preparation Programme to prepare candidates for the Pearson Test of English (Academic):

  1. This programme gives you full preparation for taking the Pearson Test of English (Academic) (PTE). We are the only college in Cambridge to offer this preparation course.
  2. You will be taught by expert tutors who have worldwide reputations for their excellence in teaching and academic writing and we teach in small groups in order to make sure that every student has the opportunity to achieve their best when they take the test.
  3. We give you lots of time to practise for this test because it is taken on-line and you need to develop computer skills as well as developing good examination strategies.

Our PTE preparation programmes are for a minimum of two weeks but we also run them over a longer period for students who want to have more time to prepare.

The courses are closely based upon, and linked to, the Official Guide to the PTE (Academic) which will be supplied to you on your first day. This Official Guide takes you through every step of the PTE (Academic) so that you know exactly what to expect when you take the final test.

The preparation programme will cover the following:

  1. introduction to the PTE
  2. types of exercise in the PTE
  3. ways to answer the exercises
  4. self-access practice sessions each day
  5. homework to give you more practice
  6. practice test mid-course with tutor feedback

There are many advantages of taking the PTE (Academic):

  1. It is accepted by universities and colleges worldwide as the equivalent of IELTS. It is approved by UK VI (United Kingdom Visa and Immigration) for Tier 4 (student visa) applications.
  2. You can book yourself on a test up to 24 hours in advance
  3. You receive your results within five business days (often within two days)
  4. The test is one single 3-hour test session