APASEN and APASEN International

CIEC is partnering with Apasen and Apasen International in the development of teaching and learning materials in a range of modules involving learning disabilities, Autism and other special needs, as well as English for Life and Work. Apasen is one of the UK’s largest charities in this area with more than 30 years experience in the health and social care sector, including Greater London.

Apasen International was formed as a separate independent charity in 2013 to improve the lives of people with learning disabilities and other special needs in poor communities in Bangladesh. There is estimated to be 22.5 million people with a disability in Bangladesh.

Globally, over a billion people worldwide are estimated to be living with a disability, with 80% of these in developing countries. In Bangladesh there is a severe lack of medical infrastructure and skilled professionals are needed to treat children and adolescents with these kinds of conditions. Indeed 90 % of children with disabilities are out of school or never enrolled – denying them the opportunity to escape a lifetime of poverty.

CIEC is working with Apasen to develop online as well as face-to- face training materials.