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CIEC and New Charter University team up to offer an innovative path to a great career! Stand out from crowd by enhancing an MBA Entrepreneurship from New Charter University by participating in an Entrepreneurship Intensive Workshop hosted by CIEC in iconic Cambridge, UK.

Whether you wish to start your own business or join an existing one, the MBA Entrepreneurship will be of practical assistance to your personal development. Employers are interested in what you can do for them, and how far you can grow within their business. The goal of this MBA is to make you more skillful, employable and valuable.

Each learning journey is personal to you.


Who We Are

Professor Stuart Wall and his colleagues at Cambridge International Education Centre (CIEC) have a worldwide reputation in business and management education and publishing. Professor Wall has been personally cited by the Independent Newspaper in the ‘A to Z of Business Schools’ as having made an outstanding contribution to UK business education. CIEC's faculty are authors of major texts in business, economics and management, as well as a wide range of online, audio and video materials for Financial Times/Pearson/ Edexcel and other publishing houses.

Professor Wall has extensive consultancy experience for major organisations, including the OECD Directorate for Science, Technology and Industry, Pearson Education, British Telecom and Kaplan. He has also developed major research projects for various UK universities in entrepreneurship and corporate strategy, including the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC).

CIEC is working with major UK, US and international universities in developing online MBA and other postgraduate courses, supported by their own specially developed teaching and learning materials.

Why Study With Us?

Global Opportunities

CIEC offers a wide range of international study and internship opportunities around the world.

Prior Knowledge Accounted For

We can assess whether your earlier studies entitle you to transfer credits from any modules previously studied.

If you can otherwise demonstrate that your existing competencies in a module are sufficient, CIEC will help you to accelerate through that module via our challenge process.

Personalized Assessment & Support

With internationally recognized expertise in providing teaching and learning materials for MBAs worldwide, CIEC will give you individual support throughout your Entrepreneurship MBA journey, with personalized study materials and assessment-related support for each module.

Entry Advice

We will help you to determine whether you meet all entry requirements, including any MBA prerequisites. Should you need to fulfill any outstanding conditions, we will help you fill the gaps.

MBA Entrepreneurship

Fast Track To Success

No qualification can guarantee one's success, however the MBA Entrepreneurship from New Charter University is designed to prepare you for the business world. Separate yourself from the competition by participating in CIEC's Entrepreneurship Intensive Workshops (Intensives). The goal of the Intensives are to open your mind to entrepreneurial thinking. You will have opportunities to see its application in the real world from our centre in Cambridge - a hub of entrepreneurial business. This can be full or part-time, or for intensive study periods.

Unlike most first degree courses, the MBA Entrepreneurship has a strong connection to real-world business skills. Choosing to participate in the CIEC Entrepreneurship Intensive Workshop increases the tools you have to bridge the gap between academia and business. Whether you wish to start your own business or join an organisation, the MBA Entrepreneurship enhanced by the CIEC Intensive focuses on preparing you for the next step.

Choosing your MBA experience is very similar to any business deal; imagine yourself as the product which the MBA adds value. Exponentially increase that value by enhancing that MBA by participating in the resume worthy CIEC Entrepreneurship Intensive experience.

New Charter University

There is no doubt that higher education has changed and that Universities have had to adapt to new media and the lifestyles of their students. Now lifelong learning is talked about as normal.

NCU is an accredited online university that allows students to complete their degree programs remotely.

CIEC has chosen to offer the Entrepreneurship Intensive to NCU MBA students as it provides outstanding preparation for the business world to enhance their degrees. The Intensive offers opportunities for topics to come to life as students spend time with CIEC thought leaders and successful entrepreneurs.

NCU is pleased to feature Dr. Stuart Wall as a Visiting Professor for the MBA Entrepreneurship program.

Participation in the CIEC Intensive is not required for the NCU MBA Entrepreneurship degree. It is not a required element of the accredited degree program. It is an optional enhancement opportunity.

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The Programme

The 12 modules which make up the Entrepreneurship MBA are as below.

MBA Foundations

Explain the key principles of business marketing, economics, accounting, finance, and strategy

New Venture Creation

Discuss entrepreneurial thinking and its critical role in the creation of a new venture

Entrepreneurial Strategy

Outline core organization resilience concepts, theories, models, and innovation processes tied to entrepreneurship

The Global Economy

Analyze the effects of trade theories, policies, and interventions on countries and multinational organizations

Decision Analysis

Examine the complexity of the decision-making process, as well as personal, organizational, and cultural constraints on managerial decision making

Leadership & Organizational Behaviour

Examine organizational and leadership theories, before using them to interpret real-world situations

Managerial Accounting

Evaluate how managerial accounting relates to business decision-making

Marketing Strategy

Assess the role of marketing in an organization

Managerial Finance

Examine organizational and leadership theories, before using them to interpret real-world situations

Business Law and Ethics

Assess legal systems and ethical frameworks

Strategic Management

Assess the elements of the strategic management process including formulation, implementation, and evaluation

New Venture Finance

Evaluate the strategic implications of various financing approaches

Online delivery of each of the above modules can begin on any Monday of any week throughout the year.

CIEC Support

Cambridge International Education Centre (CIEC) has partnered with New Charter University in delivering the Entrepreneurship MBA, a wholly online competency-based MBA from a fully accredited US university.

Your MBA is the first step on your career ladder. Employers are interested in what you can do for them and how far you can grow within their business. This course is designed to make you more skillful and employable; we will help you develop the necessary skills and experience to be a successful entrepreneur. This could help you launch your own start-up business, or support your career progression within a larger organisation thanks to an entrepreneurial mindset.

As part of our support throughout the learning process, we encourage you to share your opinions and ideas with our faculty. Our eTexts have been developed with the world’s largest educational publisher, assembled from the most relevant texts in each subject area. These resources are available to you throughout your MBA in your personal digital library. We also offer face to face support, ranging from a week up to full semesters, both in Cambridge and in our partner centres in London, New York, Rome, Madrid, Milan, and Florence. This combined approach gives you complete flexibility to learn in the way that best suits you.

Study Options And Internships

Your Lifestyle And Budget

An MBA commits you to at least another year of study.

You may wish to work while you study for your MBA Entrepreneurship, which is why we offer flexible learning programs. These range from purely online up to full-time face to face teaching.

Naturally, the former is less expensive than the latter. However, if your circumstances change during the course you can adjust your learning approach and costs accordingly.

Study Options

Start learning wherever you are with our online mode, with additional CIEC support.

Study part or all of your course in our international centre in Cambridge, complete with CIEC practitioner and academic support.

Join us in Cambridge for one of our regular practitioner study weeks and meet some of the most academically gifted people in this field but with real life experience. Cambridge is a globally renowned centre for entrepreneurship and you will have many opportunities during the MBA Programme to engage directly with practitioners involved in the ‘Cambridge Phenomenon’.

CIEC offers a flexible way to learn while still having access to thought leaders and valuable experiences not found elsewhere.

Discover the best approach for you by getting in touch with us. We are here to help.

Study in China - Learn Mandarin

CIEC has a partnership with Peixian International College in Pingguo (Guangxi Province), roughly one hour from the major city of Nanning. This new University is entering its fourth year and teaches students technical courses to equip them for industries, such as Hotel and Leisure and Travel. They have accommodation for 4,500 students, and are growing at a very rapid pace. They place great emphasis on every student being able to speak English when they leave. They welcome native English speakers and at a very modest cost you can spend 20 weeks there learning Mandarin in exchange for spending time with the local students.

There are a few paid opportunities to teach English at the University. A teaching contract will cover the cost of your MBA, with the majority of your other expenses covered by the University. Be quick if this is of interest.

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